Apr 11, 2014


I can't begin to describe how much I've loved this skirt from the moment I saw it on SammyDress Online Store. The decision of the color was a bit hard though, there were too many of them. But since I don't own many green stuff, I dared and chose this one. And so it happens and it matches perfectly with my mint bag from Rosewholesale. A huuuge thanks to my best friend Georgia for the photos and the ring. Check out the outfit details for the link to her page.

Today I started packing for Crete, we are leaving on Sunday with Georgia and a friend of mine from school for the holiday break. We were planning to go shopping today but the weather decided otherwise, so we are trapped home waiting for the rain to calm down so we can make our reservations later tonight. It's going to be three relaxing weeks, away from studying and classes and tests. Everyone is looking forward to it, don't you? 

Mar 28, 2014


This is a simple outfit I wore a couple of days ago, just black and jeans and a nice purse, love it so much! The purse actually is so handy, I can fit anything in there and the color is so light but distinguished at the same time. Thanks to Oasap.com once again for this amazing product! 

I just got home from school and am trying to plan my next days so I can find some time to actually sleep. Athens eXclusive Designers Week starts tomorrow and for the next 4 days we will be running from one runway show to another, plus a great party tomorrow at noon at Sephora Greece and a 6-hour math class on a Saturday morning! In addition, a closing party is taking place at one of the most popular clubs in Athens tonight. Even though the whole thing sounds a bit exhausting, I am so excited to do all those things and I've been storing up energy for the last days! Now off we go to shoot some outfits! See you soon. 

Mar 24, 2014


Peach is one of my favourite colors, so when this dress from Oasap.com arrived, I was sooo happy! It matches perfectly with my skin tone and with all my accessories. I can't wait to wear it all summer long! Still a little off season so I have to wait a bit for that. It goes with a brown belt which I could not find anywhere, so maybe I will wear it next time. 

It has been a  great week so far, I had so much fun and so many things to do. And yet I don't feel tired at all! All this excitement from the last days is catching up on me at nights and makes sleeping impossible. Today I went for coffee and a walk downtown and then helped a friend with the design of a new application that he's been developing. Then, I caught up with all my weekly series episodes so I ended up watching cartoons at a Sunday night, how cute?! 

Mar 16, 2014


What a great day it was today, best Sunday so far! The weather was a delight, so I jumped out of bed, ignoring the cold that has been making my last days difficult, took the camera and made some art! I was a bit skeptical about this outfit at first, I wasn't sure if such different prints would match, but I think they look great together. Also, I wanted something white and simple that will show of my new handmade jewelry, gifted from my best friend. She made them especially for me, the bracelet even has my name on it. I bet it was quite hard to make. She makes so many different pieces, even started selling them so if you want to check them out, you can find her FB page here: GL Handmade Creations.

Mar 11, 2014


Hi guys, sooo sorry it's been so long, the weather is absolutely awful the past weeks, rainy and cold all day long and I am getting one cold after the other. So, being unable to shoot outfits, I decided to do one more goodies/beauty post, this time about my latest purchases. I've been shopping online quite much lately, today I had six packages in my mailbox and last week I had nine!! So here are some of the stuff that I bought and some freebies that I got for this month. My favourites, the colorful necklace and the vintage creme purse (getting ready for spring I might say). I also love my new palettes, one with concealers and one with eye shadows, I am practically ready for any make-up style. I bought one with lip glosses as well, but I totally spaced it, so that one is not in the photos. Besides that, I got two foundation primers, some nude eye shadows and an eye-liner with the thinner brush I've ever seen and lots of O.P.I. nail polishes in summer shades.

Feb 19, 2014


So finally a beauty post about my morning skincare and foundation routine. These are the products that I've been using for a while now, but basically I change my routine very often. Especially my foundation, I change it almost every month. I like to try new types and brands until I find one that satisfies me and stick with it for a while. This month I've been trying the Code Lumiere BB Cream from L'oreal Paris and I can't decide if I'm happy with it yet, it kinda makes my face too much glowing but with the right primer it's just ok. As far as cleansing, I am currently using the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Series and for moisturizing the Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm and Genifique Yeux Cream for face and eyes. For more details check the steps bellow!

Feb 14, 2014


This time of year has come again where love is all over the place! Don't you just adore that? Today is a special day which most of us are going to celebrate. So here are my Valentine's day special collection for this year from ASOS. Some of them I already own, others I deeply desire! The list has more items so if you want to see the whole thing, just click on it to navigate to the original page. Thanks a lot to Grabble for helping me pick them up and put them in one place so I can watch them anytime I want. Did you guys know that Grabble even lets you know when your items are on sale? How amazing is that? You don't literally have to do anything, they just notify you when it's time. So, I suggest that you try it yourselves and see how amazing it is. What is on your Valentine's wishlist this year?

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