Sep 27, 2014


Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess and I had my fair share in this experience this summer! Recently, I completed my first professional project as a photographer, by shooting all the products of Timothy.K Cosmetics for their new official online store and I can't be more excited about this. Our collaboration was perfect, the owners of the business were so kind and generous  and I was so overwhelmed by their comments for my work. The best part was that I got to try these amazing products and keep some of them as a gift. 

One of their best selling products is the Princess's Water, a water specifically made for very persistent women, who can't accept nothing less than perfection for their skin. I am a little bit of freak as far as skin cleansing and moisturizing, I wash my face like 3-4 times a day, every time I get home and every time I go out. So, as I got to use it, I came to the conclusion that it is the ONLY product that I need for my everyday cleaning routine. No  more moisturizers, no more toners, just this miraculous water, and my skin is glowy and tender as if I was using a whole series of products. So next time you are about to spend a fortune on a series of cleansers and moisturizers, just think that the Princess's Water is a perfect and more efficient solution. 

A little more about Timothy.K Cosmetics, it is a series of handmade and paraben free cosmetics that are made by a Greek pharmacist. Greek handmade products are well-known for their effectiveness and good consistency, so imagine these along with an experience of a pharmacist, in one product. I can't think of something more perfect and healthy for my skin. Not to mention the fact that they have the most impressive packaging that I've ever seen (and I've bought a lot of cosmetics over the years)! So, I strongly suggest to take a look at their products and try at least one, they currently have great sales:


Jul 28, 2014


Hey guys, it's been a while. I sort of quit blogging for a couple of months in order to focus on my studies. This is my final semester at college and I've been trying non-stop for the past year to successfully graduate and get my degree so I can start a master's program on October. So, sorry for not posting for so long, I promise to make it up to you after my graduation. Two weeks ago I took a break from studying to go on a perfect vacation with my boyfriend on Naxos island. 

We spent a week there and it was great and relaxing, like every vacation in Greek islands. We visited the local beaches, tried all the local foods (literally ALL of them!), like citron, homemade candy and this AMAZING waffle with strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream and three kinds of melted chocolate, best one I've ever had!! Also went for cocktails and spent some quality relaxing time together right after our exam period. I literally didn't want this time to end! We went for a little sightseeing and lots of walks around the town, I even had the fish spa experience, which is an astonishing accomplishment for me because I was so scared to do it until then. As it turns out it's kinda fun, all these little fishes eating your dead skin, it tickles a lot. We also saw a very cute dog on the ship, it was one of there which are shaped like hot dogs and their owners had him going around on a stroller along with their baby boy. It was so cute and the great part was that we were travelling with the same ship with them on the way to Naxos and then back to Athens. I was so happy when I turned over my head and saw little hot dog right next to me when we were going back!

During our stay at Naxos, we traveled to Paros which is right across Naxos and spent a day there as well. The traditional little streets and stores will always amaze me in Kyklades. Another thing that was noticeable, the local people. So nice and kind and concernable about everything, it really caught our attention. If I could go back there sometime in the future, I would chose to do it gladly because, frankly, Greek islands are the best for summer vacations!

May 26, 2014


Hi guys, today we are going to talk about cleansing and specifically face masks. I wanted to share this amazing mask with you since I haven't seen such effective results by any other mask ever! I am talking about the Regina Mask by Timothy.K Cosmetics, a homemade cosmetics business based in Greece. I got the mask a week ago along with some sample face creams and soaps and can't be any more excited! I've only used the Regina Mask twice but the results were so obvious from the first time. Right after I removed it, my face looked radiant and felt so soft and clean like no mask has ever made it feel before. Of course, I wasn't surprised by the result since I've heard very possitive reviews by my friends and when I saw the packages I was sure that the treatment Timothy.K Cosmetics provide would be royal. Check out the photos below to see for yourselves.
You can find these amazing cosmetics here:

Facebook:  Timothy.K Cosmetics


P.S. Can you guys notice my tan?!

Apr 20, 2014


Hi guys, back after a while for a new outfit/giveaway post that I've been planning for the past days. My best friend, which I have mentioned a few times, started her own business making handmade jewelry. I am very happy to show off what she's been making (between you and me I just love to wear her creations).  So this time we are giving away this elegant black necklace, all you have to do is like our FB pages and follow the blog on GFC. To enter, complete steps filling the form below and leave a comment at this post with your FB and Google name. Good luck everyone! And in case you are wondering, my top is an AMAZING dress from Fashion Union

Currently, I am planning my future plans since I'm graduating from college in a couple of months, while I am trying to catch up with my friends and enjoy the spring break at Crete. This time I didn't get to feel the holiday spirit a lot, can't really explain the reason. The only thing that reminded me of Easter was the fireworks all night long. How are you guys doing?

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Apr 11, 2014


I can't begin to describe how much I've loved this skirt from the moment I saw it on SammyDress Online Store. The decision of the color was a bit hard though, there were too many of them. But since I don't own many green stuff, I dared and chose this one. And so it happens and it matches perfectly with my mint bag from Rosewholesale. A huuuge thanks to my best friend Georgia for the photos and the ring. Check out the outfit details for the link to her page.

Today I started packing for Crete, we are leaving on Sunday with Georgia and a friend of mine from school for the holiday break. We were planning to go shopping today but the weather decided otherwise, so we are trapped home waiting for the rain to calm down so we can make our reservations later tonight. It's going to be three relaxing weeks, away from studying and classes and tests. Everyone is looking forward to it, don't you? 

Mar 28, 2014


This is a simple outfit I wore a couple of days ago, just black and jeans and a nice purse, love it so much! The purse actually is so handy, I can fit anything in there and the color is so light but distinguished at the same time. Thanks to once again for this amazing product! 

I just got home from school and am trying to plan my next days so I can find some time to actually sleep. Athens eXclusive Designers Week starts tomorrow and for the next 4 days we will be running from one runway show to another, plus a great party tomorrow at noon at Sephora Greece and a 6-hour math class on a Saturday morning! In addition, a closing party is taking place at one of the most popular clubs in Athens tonight. Even though the whole thing sounds a bit exhausting, I am so excited to do all those things and I've been storing up energy for the last days! Now off we go to shoot some outfits! See you soon. 

Mar 24, 2014


Peach is one of my favourite colors, so when this dress from arrived, I was sooo happy! It matches perfectly with my skin tone and with all my accessories. I can't wait to wear it all summer long! Still a little off season so I have to wait a bit for that. It goes with a brown belt which I could not find anywhere, so maybe I will wear it next time. 

It has been a  great week so far, I had so much fun and so many things to do. And yet I don't feel tired at all! All this excitement from the last days is catching up on me at nights and makes sleeping impossible. Today I went for coffee and a walk downtown and then helped a friend with the design of a new application that he's been developing. Then, I caught up with all my weekly series episodes so I ended up watching cartoons at a Sunday night, how cute?! 

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